When Did the Nationalists and the Uk Government Arrive at an Agreement

When Did the Nationalists and the UK Government Arrive at an Agreement?

The search for an agreement between the nationalist parties and the UK government has been a long and tumultuous process. Many people have been wondering when an agreement was reached. In this article, we will explore the timeline of negotiations and the eventual agreement.

The negotiations began in earnest as soon as the 2019 general election results were announced. The Conservative Party, led by Boris Johnson, won a resounding victory, and the nationalist parties in Scotland and Wales had also made significant gains. These nationalist parties, the Scottish National Party (SNP) and Plaid Cymru, had campaigned on platforms seeking greater powers and autonomy for their respective countries.

The first round of negotiations took place in January 2020. The SNP and Plaid Cymru met with UK government officials to discuss their respective demands. The SNP`s main request was for a second referendum on Scottish independence, while Plaid Cymru asked for more powers to be devolved to the Welsh government.

However, the negotiations quickly hit a snag. The UK government had already ruled out a second Scottish independence referendum, stating that the 2014 referendum was a once-in-a-generation event. Additionally, the government was reluctant to devolve more powers to the Welsh government, fearing it would lead to demands for greater autonomy from other regions in England.

The negotiations stalled for several months, with both sides refusing to budge on their respective demands. The pandemic further complicated matters, as the UK government focused its attention on managing the crisis.

In September 2020, a breakthrough occurred. The UK government agreed to devolve more powers to the Welsh government, including control over air passenger duty and rail infrastructure. In return, Plaid Cymru dropped its demand for Welsh independence.

The SNP, however, continued to push for a second referendum on Scottish independence. In October 2020, the SNP announced that it would introduce a second independence referendum bill in the Scottish Parliament. The UK government immediately rejected the proposal, stating that it would not grant consent for another referendum.

In December 2020, a compromise was reached. The UK government agreed to a second referendum on Scottish independence if the SNP won a majority in the Scottish Parliament elections in May 2021. The SNP accepted these terms, and the two sides shook hands on a deal.

In conclusion, the negotiations between the nationalist parties and the UK government were a long and arduous process. It took several rounds of negotiations and a pandemic to arrive at an agreement. However, ultimately, a compromise was reached, and the parties were able to move forward. The timeline of these negotiations illustrates the complexity and challenges involved in resolving such political issues.

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