What Does Engagement Agreement Mean

The end of your order letter must include confirmation of the conditions, which confirms that the customer understands the commercial contract. How Certain Engagement Letter Clauses Affect auditors` Assessment of Perceived Engagement Risk to Non-Suspects, Reinstein, A., Green, B.P., & Beaulieu, P. (2013). Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance, 28(4), 397-420. This paper analyzes the requirement for CPA auditors to use order letters or other appropriate documents to clarify their duties and those of their clients through the AICPA auditing standards (e.B. AU-C210, para. 11) for audits of non-contributors. Letters of commitment take away much of the guesswork out of your relationship with the customer. After putting an agreement on paper and asking your client to read and sign it, no one needs to try to remember exactly how much you quoted them during the consultation. .

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