Sliding Scale Agreement

I recently developed a rolling fee form, but I`d like to have ideas to improve my form. Do you have an example form that I could view? Floating fees are variable prices for products, services or taxes based on a customer`s creditworthiness. These fees are thus reduced for those who have a lower income or, alternatively, less money than they have saved based on their personal expenses, regardless of their income. Floating tiered taxes are a form of tariff discrimination or differential pricing. A company or organization may have different motivations for pricing a product or service on a sliding scale. This may include the desire to be charitable for those who can less afford the product or service, their ability to benefit from a tax deduction to offer their services in charity, their ability to benefit from the income of a partial payment, their commitment from a long-term client/client or recommendations that such a client/client can provide. Open Path Psychotherapy Collective is a national network of mental health professionals dedicated to providing mental health care in the office – at a very low rate – for individuals, couples, children and families in distress. They pair clients who are uninsured or underinsured with therapists who offer reduced fee sessions in a sliding scale of 30 to 50 $US. Step 7 – You`re now ready to create your sliding ladder. [1] Andrew Carnegie imposed a sliding wage scale on his workers during the Homestead strike, ”on the basis of the prevailing market price of steel products.” [2] Some children`s adoption agencies charge lawyer fees (usually very high) on a sliding scale, allowing couples with a wider range of incomes to adopt children. [3] Sliding fees are often also collected by lawyers, places of worship and for teaching in educational institutions.

[4] However, if you decide to create and use sliding ladder fees, you should take steps here to do so ethically….

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